Foster a happy workplace by taking care of your employees with a wellness scheme to boost performance and morale.

Workplace wellness schemes are proven to help reduce stress, build stronger relationships with our colleagues and increase employee retention.

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Workplace audits
Survey creation
Goals and outcomes
Logo design
Printed materials
Email campaigns


Benefits of wellness schemes.

You don’t have to be in the wellness sector to be a part of the revolution. Do your bit by taking care of the people powering your brand.


Employee Benefits

Increased focus and engagement
Fewer sick-days taken
Happier environment
Lower stress levels
Improved mental and physical health

Employer Benefits

Competitive recruitment process
Higher employee retention
Lower illness rates
Improved employee morale
Increased productivity


wellness scheme ideas

There are so many ways you can support your employees and contribute to their health.

If you’re thinking about setting up a scheme or need to boost your current one, get in touch to start making a difference.

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Spread costs


Paid courses
Personal training
Paid events
Paid conferences
Personal goals


Increase annual leave
Gym discounts
Employee helpline
Flexible hours
Free breakfast
Extended breaks

Extra mile.

Time off to give blood
Team building
Staff socials
Flexible workspaces


Wellness scheme branding

Take care of your employees the way you take care of your customers.

You inspire change, promote wellness and encourage a healthy mind, body and soul. Create a wellness scheme for your company to boost your employees and give them the tools to do you proud.

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Hi, I’m Lauren.

My mission is to use branding and strategy for the things that matter whilst maintaining a work-life harmony. I work with wellness and lifestyle brands to not only help them make positive changes, but also to ensure they are managing their wellness business efficiently, with their health as a priority.

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