4 Things NatWest Can Teach Us About Business

← Back to Blog | Published: 17 October, 2018 by Lauren Hall


I do love a good TV advert. They make you feel something. They move you and can bring you close to tears. That's powerful. NatWest’s most recent TV advert inspired me, so here are 4 things we can learn from NatWest.

If you haven’t seen the advert, you can watch it here: Watch NatWest’s Advert.

1. ‘We are what we do’

The tagline for NatWest is so simple and beautiful. It encompasses all that they do in their efforts to serve their customers well. It not only speaks for their brand, but it also speaks to us as customers and inspires us to be conscious of our actions. It encourages us to think about how those actions reflect our personal identities and brands.

• How do you serve your customers and clients?
• How do you keep your promises?
• How many of your actions are visible to your audience? Do they see your efforts to serve them?

2. They admit they’ve been thinking about you.

NatWest is honest about the fact you’ve been on their minds. Isn’t that a great feeling for us as customers? They’re putting us first. People are at the core of our businesses. When you put yourself in your customer's shoes, you can serve them effectively and efficiently.

• Think about the customer's experience, from online to communications.
• Actively let people know you're solving a problem and making life easier for them.
• Don't just make 'surface' connections. Actually get to know your audience on a deeper level.

3. Accessibility is important to them.

Accessibility means allowing your brand to serve as many users as possible. It determines your approachability. The purpose of NatWest's advert is to show you different ways you can use their services. They want to 'bring the bank to you', and these days, that sounds very attractive. NatWest understands that life sometimes gets in the way, so they’re finding new opportunities to make our lives easier.

• Do you consider how people interact with you and your business?
• Can people interact with your business in a variety of different ways?
• Are your calls to action clear and easy to follow, online and in print?

4. Use of present tense.

The advert concludes with this statement:

'We’re always thinking of new ways to bring the bank to you.'

Natwest's focus is you. Their brand revolves around you and your satisfaction. Actively trying to improve your business in terms of accessibility, user experience and quality of service is the key to sustaining your business.

• Actually put your customers first.
• Keep in mind that things change and evolve.
• Allow space for flexibility and adaptation.

Good work NatWest.

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