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The studio

Through exploring ideas, we create space for new and exciting ones for your business. Using creative thinking and pushing boundaries, we want to help you make a change and feel changed by what we put out into the world.

01 We're on your team

We dedicate our time solely to you when working on a project together, so that we can be on hand when you need us. We know that giving one client 100% is much better than giving 5 clients 20%.

02 Passion projects fuel us

The power of a passion project is what drives some of the biggest change. A fleeting idea that could’ve been left behind, turned into a living, thriving concept is something we believe in being a part of. If you have an idea that we can get behind, reach out!

03 Dig a little deeper

Surface level thinking leads to adding something to the noise, because it’s easy to do. It takes a little grit and courage to dive into the unknown where you could be wrong, confused, and disheartened. But dig a little deeper and you might just find pure gold.

04 Ask ‘what if’

What if we did the opposite? What if it worked? What if people loved it? Think the impossible, ask what if, and then create a plan to do it. That's the good stuff.

Have an idea?

Get in touch
Get in touch

The people

The studio is ran by Lauren, alongside a close-knit circle of creatives (not forgetting mini dachshund Ivy) who are brought in on projects where they’re needed, some local, others remote. This means every project gets the flexibility and resources it needs within budget. We introduce everyone at the start of projects, so you know exactly who's on your team.


Lauren qualified as a graphic designer at 16, and started her design studio in 2017. She has since worked with companies such as Wanderlust, Specsavers, AFPA, Nutrivitality, and Teacherly. 

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Suite 2B North Mill, Belper, DE56 1YD

✼ Studio hours: Mon-Fri 10am-4pm ✼ 

Studio Grace is a small design team based in Belper, UK who enjoy designing things that help ideas exist.

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