You bring out the best in others. Let’s bring out the best in your wellness brand through visual identity and strategy.

Using a collaborative approach, we can gain clarity and direction to enhance your branding and streamline your brand strategy.

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Services for wellness and lifestyle brands.

From branding to business strategies, Studio Grace can elevate your next project.



Your branding should be a consistent visual identity to support your incredible work for the wellness industry.

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Digital Solutions

Boost your brand with a custom-built website, engaging social media and effective email marketing.

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A long-term plan for your wellness brand for simplified decision making and trackable progress.



wellness Branding

Branding is more than logo design. It’s the conscious creation and planning of your visual identity and customer experience.

These are a few stages of effective, impactful branding and design.

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Brand vision
Target client
Brand culture


Logo design
Tone of voice
Visual style
Photography style




Design elements
Branded stationery
Social media


Wellness scheme branding

Take care of your employees the way you take care of your customers with a workplace wellness scheme.

You inspire change, promote wellness and encourage a healthy mind, body and soul. Create a wellness scheme for your company to boost your employees and give them the tools to do you proud.

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Hi, I’m Lauren.

My mission is to use branding and strategy for the things that matter whilst maintaining a work-life harmony. I work with wellness and lifestyle brands to not only help them make positive changes, but also to ensure they are managing their wellness business efficiently, with their health as a priority.

About Studio Grace


As a wellness or lifestyle business owner, which best describes you?



‘I need a consistent visual identity to reflect and align with my services.’


‘I need a long-term plan to keep my business on track and reach my goals.’

Digital solutions

‘I need to enhance my online presence through digital design and web.’


Are you an employer?

If you have a great team you’d like to support further, consider creating a wellness scheme.